Why us

What we do

Customers want sustainable choices. Companies want to be more sustainable.

Rules are getting stricter.

How do we piece it all together?

If you want your company and supply chain to be more sustainable…

While regulatory landscape is getting tougher…

And your organization needs extra expertise and resources

to keep up with growing sustainability demands…

We help organizations establish and enhance sustainability planning, implementation, marketing and reporting.

We specialize in:

Weaving sustainability into strategy

Setting up sustainability plans, projects and programs

Rolling out implementation and then training your teams to take over

Establishing sustainability claims in line with green guides

Developing sustainability reports aligned with international standards

Identifying where sustainability can deliver financial savings

Who we are

Martina Balazsova

Martina Balazsova

Business professional, mentor, mom, nature and outdoor lover and sustainability passionista.

My professional career has been generous for several marketing, sales, business development, management, strategy and change management roles as well as working with amazing people all around the world.

After my children were born and with the intention to create a better life-work balance, I left the corporate world to become a consultant in the areas of my experience and expertise.

I help organizations to incorporate sustainability in core business strategy, to develop and action sustainability programs and projects.

With the growing need for doing more for the nature, climate change and social sustainability, I look for best ways to support smaller sized organizations and enable them to contribute to better planet and better society.

In my free time, I spend time with family and friends. I’m a nature and outdoor activities lover, a runner and a passionate cross-country skier.


I worked with Martina when I was an Associate Director , New product development at Ansell.
Martina has been an invaluable consultant to the company, working collaboratively on several sustainability projects that have yielded significant positive impacts.

Martina possesses a deep understanding of sustainability best practices and is adept at translating them into practical solutions for businesses. One of the most notable projects we collaborated on was the redesign of our packaging. Through her guidance, we were able to develop a more sustainable packaging solution that significantly reduced the product’s life cycle assessment (LCA) impact. This not only benefited the environment but also led to numerous streamlining opportunities within our operations, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.

Beyond technical expertise, Martina stands out for her exceptional professionalism and leadership style. She consistently demonstrates excellent communication skills, ensuring clear understanding and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Rim Abou Chahine, Sustainability Leader

Working with Martina as the lead for the Sustainable Packaging Program at Ansell was an immensely fulfilling experience. Her expertise in sustainability as a project lead not only directed our team towards impactful solutions but also inspired each team member to strive for excellence. Martina’s leadership effortlessly brought out the best in all of us, cultivating an environment of collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. Her dedication, vision, and commitment to sustainability serve as a remarkable example of effective leadership. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with such an exceptional leader and advocate for positive change, not only in environmental practices but also within any organization fortunate enough to have her onboard.

Samareh Astaraki, Senior Manager Global Sustainability

I had the good fortune of connecting with Martina in 2021, when she needed a copyeditor for a sustainability programme and a mutual connection in our network passed on my details. Lucky for me! Martina and I ended up working together for 2 years as client/contractor respectively and, as one of my first forays into the world of freelance, I really landed on my feet. To be brief, as a copyeditor should be, Martina simply ‚Äúgets it‚ÄĚ. She can walk into any organisation or situation and instantly knows what‚Äôs working, what isn‚Äôt, where you need to go and how to get there. She has a rare skill of always seeing the big picture but with a sharp eye for detail, a magic formula of strategic and tactical that is essential for anyone working in sustainability and which delivers the high-quality results you would expect. She‚Äôs also just a lovely colleague, someone who takes work seriously but also has a great sense of humour and an unwaveringly positive attitude. I sincerely hope to work with Martina again on future projects and I know she‚Äôll carry on being a big success!

Laura Connochie, Founder Copy Skates, UK

I have engaged Martina’s services several times. The first time was in helping our department define and write our Value Proposition. This started by taking a deep dive at the competition and going through a series of exercises to really refine this for the long term. The part where Martina set this up differently was in how she then developed ‚Ä®a package to bring it to life for communicating ‚Ä®to several audiences (internally, externally) and developed a short interactive training model.

Steve Genzer Vice President Operations BPNCA Ball Corporation, USA

Having Martina coaching me in my career took me to achieve much more than what I was expecting professionally. Of course I had dreams and wishes, but Martina made it possible to accomplish by structuring my behaviour, way of thinking, challenging me to think and react differently and perceive results in my actions. Besides, she did really helped me to take best decisions according to my values which brought satisfaction and sense of doing the right thing, not only for me but for the company I work.

Carolina de Araujo Cipolla Founder, Franchisee, Peca Rara, Brazil


We have chosen the following two areas that we support as part of our contribution back to society and envrionment.


Of children: because we believe that all children should have access to quality education





Creating conditions for positive systemic changes in public education sector to increase quality of education in the Czech Republic and equip all childern to embrace challenges of the 21st century.

Of young women in developing countries: because it grows their potential to have more positive impact on their community economic and social prosperity



Reach out cameroon: change a girl’s life through microenrepreneurship project

Not for profit organization aiming to enable access to equal quality education for children thru system change.

Nature & Biodiversity



Biodiversity helps food security, avoidance of disease and economic prosperity.



Nature plays critical role in capturing and storing CO2 from the atmosphere through its ecosystems, on land and in the oceans.


We are signatories of the Business for Nature‚Äôs Call to Action and ‚ÄúMake it Mandatory‚ÄĚ COP15 advocacy campaign.